21st April 2012


How To Choose The Most Energy Efficient Electric Space Heaters

Electric space heaters are very heavy energy dependent. They gobble up energy much more than other regular appliances in the home. Unfortunately, home heating systems are a necessity, so you really can’t do without them Tipos de energia. Fortunately though, there are many low energy space heaters that are available online and at your favorite hardware store. Use these electric space heaters so you could keep your home warm and comfortable while still being able to save on electricity costs and remaining friendly to the environment. The best low energy heaters are the portable space heaters. After all, there really is no need for you to heat the entire house if many of the rooms are not occupied at the same time. You only need to heat the rooms that are currently being used by people right? Thus it is much more efficient to use low energy portable heaters. Baseboard heaters are best used for bedrooms. They heat a room by heating the available air directly over them, thus it is best to position them near a window so the draft can push the heated air into and around the room. Take care to keep draperies and curtains at a safe distance though because they could catch fire. Most of these baseboard heaters are fitted with an auto off switch to prevent them from accidentally burning things when they are tipped over. Ceramic heaters are very energy-efficient and quite safe too because the casing of the heater remains cool even while being used. They are best fitted for heating small rooms because it takes quite some time for them to heat up and the heat produced cannot be controlled as easily as other types of heaters. Once they are going through, they can produce a great amount of heat compared to their size More. Convection heaters are great low energy heaters because they do not have to heat the entire room in order to make a person feel warm. They can be used to directly heat the person or the immediate area that he occupies. This works best when there is only one person in the room reading his favorite book or watching some TV. Most convection heaters also have built-in thermostats to make sure that it is only generating the right amount of heat that you want it to, thus helping you save even more energy. Low energy heaters are great alternative heating solutions for your home. Use them wisely so you can heat your home properly without having to spend so much money on your electricity bill. Just remember to be very careful when using them and to make sure that they are placed safely away from flammable items and from playful children.